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What is SMETA?

SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) is a compilation of best practices in ethical audit, established by the Sedex Associate Auditor Group (AAG). It is not a separate standard or certification process, but a set of protocol for high-quality audits, to be used in conjunction with current established ethical audit practices. SMETA was designed to minimize duplication of effort and provide AAG members with an audit format they could easily share. SMETA reports are published by the Associate Auditor Group members in the SEDEX system, ensuring transparency and efficient information sharing.

The SMETA Audit Methodology

SMETA audits use the ETI Base Code, founded on the conventions of the International Labour Organization, as well as relevant local laws. SMETA audits can be conducted against two or four auditing pillars. The two pillars mandatory for any SMETA audit are Labor Standards and Health & Safety. The two additional pillars of a 4-pillar audit were introduced to further deepen the social responsibility aspect of SMETA audits.

A SMETA 2-pillar audit comprises the following modules:

• Labor Standards
• Health and Safety
• Additional Elements:
o Management Systems
o Entitlement to Work
o Subcontracting and Homeworking
o Environmental assessment (shortened)

A SMETA 4-pillar audit covers the above elements, plus:

• Environmental assessment (extended)
• Business Ethics

SMETA Expertise

Being a member of the Sedex Associate Auditor Group, QMSCERT can conduct SMETA audits in compliance with the latest Best Practice Guidelines (SMETA 6.0). Our highly qualified auditors carry out on-site observations, conduct interviews with factory management and workers, inspect documents provided by the factory, and present their findings in a SMETA Audit Report. Based on the audit report, our experts can prepare a SMETA Corrective Action Plan Report (CAPR), outlining the improvements that the factory must make to achieve compliance

Why Conduct SMETA Audits?

• Achieve greater visibility into your supply chain
• Continuously improve your supplier relations
• Receive independent verification of your ethical compliance
• Eliminate the need for multiple certifications – SEDEX is internationally recognized
• Strengthen your brand's standing in ethical compliance
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